Ep 1 | Terrible to Employ

We’re reviving the Send Whiskey Podcast, y’all. But it’s going to have a different flavor. It’s just me, Andi Whiskey, sharing weird stories of when life gets weird sometimes. We’ll have guests on occasionally to share their own stories of when life got weird. It’ll be somewhat about running businesses, but mostly about making big life decisions and the hard things about being forced to make those hard decisions sometimes, and where they’ve taken me and my guests.

This episode is a bit about how I got into business at 16 years old, thanks to my dad teaching me how to code my own web sites at 8 years old. I got my first web design client for $1600, and it set me on the path to be self-employed the rest of my working life.

Future episodes, we'll have guests to share their stories. For now, stay tuned to hear more about the hard thing about doing life outside the systems.

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